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Employment Law 

The principal law governing employment in Uganda is the Employment Act, 2006. This law sets out several rights of an employee and provides for an elaborate procedure that an employer must comply with before terminating employment, including the requirement of the employer to conduct a hearing before termination. At the said hearing, the employee is entitled to appear with another person of his or her choice, and the employer is obliged to hear any explanation that the employee may have.
Unfortunately, many employers do not fully comply with the employment law while terminating employment. Another important employment related law is the Workers Compensation Act, Cap 225 which imposes liabilities on the employer to compensate an employee who suffers injury or is incapacitated as a result of an accident that occurs during the course of employment. If the injury is fatal, family members of the deceased person can claim for compensation from the employer. Other employment related laws include, the Pensions Act, Cap 286 and the Trade Unions Act, Cap 223.


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