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Commercial Law 

In today’s commercial world, many legal issues are bound to arise as you go about your business or seek to establish a new business or partnerships with other business entities. Many people do not seek professional legal advice prior to binding themselves in commercial transactions involving huge sums of money. This leads to costly court cases that could easily have been avoided in the first place had proper legal advice been sought. In addition, several commercial laws have been passed in the recent years resulting into various changes in past business practices. For instance, the new contracts law enacted in 2010 that repealed an old contract law of 1963 makes it mandatory for a contract with a value of more than Shillings 500,000 to be in writing. Rather than stick to old business practices that could have been repealed by the new laws, it is safer to seek professional legal advice from our team of experts who are conversant with the current trends in Ugandan commercial law.


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