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Climate Change Law 

We offer the following legal services in the area of climate change: 

  • Provide legal support to the Government’s negotiation team during United Nations climate change conferences.
  • Assist project participants to process letters of approval for CDM projects from the Government of Uganda.
  • Provide legal advice and negotiation support on Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPAs).
  • Provide legal advice and negotiation support on structuring Programmes of Activities (PoAs) including drafting all the legal documents required in a PoA.
  • Provide legal advice on establishment of institutional frameworks for addressing climate change.
  • Provide advice on the reform of policies and laws or the formulation of new laws and policies to respond to climate change. This includes legal and regulatory frameworks for mechanisms such as CDM, REDD+, and NAMAs.
  • Provide climate change risk assessment and advise on the best solutions to cover the risks associated with climate change.
  • Provide advice on new business opportunities presented by climate change including advice on how to access the various financing facilities around the world.