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Climate Change Law

Nations across the world are stepping up their efforts to combat the growing threat of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and designing strategies to adapt to climate change. Efforts to address climate change will witness renewed focus on shifting energy production from fossil fuels to clean sources of energy thus catalysing low carbon development. With many years of experience in climate change issues, BNB Advocates is strategically positioned to advise clients on risks and opportunities that climate change presents. 

We have an in-depth understanding of climate change policies and laws both in Uganda and at the international level. Our team of legal experts at BNB Advocates has been engaged in climate change issues since 2001 and has significant expertise and experience to effectively and efficiently address any questions that you might have as well as to advise on emerging opportunities and risks in climate change. The law firm maintains an excellent working relationship with the Climate Change Department, Ministry of Water and Environment; and its members closely follow the climate change debate at the international level by participating in annual UN climate change conferences.