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  • The 9th Africa Carbon Forum (ACF) will be held on 28-30 June 2017 in Cotonou, Benin and will focus on how engagement between State and non-State actors can be further strengthened in the key sectors for Africa (energy, agriculture and human settlements), including the role of future carbon markets to achieve enhanced climate action, towards the goals of sustainable development. The event will cover practical examples of policies, initiatives and actions in Africa; barriers and enabling measures for engaging climate action in key sectors; financial instruments and regulatory frameworks; and advancing the implementation of climate action.

  • On the 5th May 2017, the Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Water and Environment announced the launch of the project on enhancing resilience of communities to climate change through catchment based integrated management of water & related resources in Uganda, with financing from the Adaptation Fund – the project is the first of its kind in Uganda.

  • East African Development Bank (EADB) has announced the launch of a Biodiversity Financing Facility of EUR 7 million that will provide medium to long-term loans in local currency to selected biodiversity-friendly investments in the private sector in Uganda. EADB will finance the projects directly and will focus upon SMEs that promote environmental conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and habitats. In particular, the facility will support investments in agriculture, forestry, fishing and tourism.

  • Makerere University through Makerere University Centre for Climate Change Research & Innovations (MUCCRI) in collaboration with International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Uganda’s Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE), the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), other partners and sponsors have organized a CBA 11 Youth Conference on 28-29 June 2017 in Kampala. This youth conference will be held in parallel to the main 11th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA11) 2017 organized by IIED, MWE and ICCAD from 22 -29th June 2017.

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