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BNB Advocates advises the Government of Uganda on the development of the Climate Change Bill

BNB Advocates has been contracted by the Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Water & Environment to advise on the development of the Climate Change Bill, and will undertake the following activities in a contract expected to last 6 months:

  • Undertake a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) on the proposed Climate Change Bill.
  • Undertake a deep analytical assessment of the existing climate change related laws, policies, strategies, institutional arrangements and relevant international/regional treaties/protocols.
  • Identify the gaps and weaknesses of the existing legal, policy, and institutional framework in relation to climate change in Uganda, and specifically related to the implementation of the Climate Change Policy and Implementation Strategy.
  • Facilitate (plan, lead, and undertake post-event follow-up) stakeholder consultations on the development of the Climate Change Bill while building public trust and confidence in the process and ensuring the generation of consensus on contentious issues.
  • Make detailed written proposals and recommendations for addressing any observed gaps and weaknesses in the legal, policy, and institutional framework and incorporate relevant feedback/input from stakeholders.
  • Draft a Climate Change Bill for implementing the Climate Change Policy in Uganda. Ensure that the Climate Change Bill is effectively linked with other existing laws, including but not limited to the National Environment Act.

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